Working Backwards

Conventional wisdom would say we’re born, we go to school, graduate, attain the career, find the partner, perhaps have a kid or two, retire and say goodbye to life on earth. 

Not so fast, buddy. 

Sometimes working backwards makes better sense. While I’m still figuring this out, what comes to mind; people who grow up out-of-sequential-order causes one to mature, causing a different view of life in general. One shouldn’t dismiss the other. I’ve always been in awe of friends who’ve been able to do life – in order. Just seems so much easier and organized.

Again, not so fast, buddy. 

No such thing as an easy life. Learn to adapt and accept change.  Working backwards means that whatever one might have not accomplished at a younger age, need not equate to never. It means taking risks at an age when some may have already done so. It means growing up happens over a lifetime, not on its own schedule. Most of all, working backwards lifts the burden of the “should’ve”, “would’ve” and “could’ve’s” in life.

Be cool. Work life your way. 


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