Juxtaposing Merriment

Holidays and cheers, memories in the making. Do you feel its magic each year? Does your spirit soar upon hearing Christmas music? No worries if you’re not feeling it. No need to force joy. Best to just let yourself be. This to shall pass. 

Sometimes we don’t understand why holidays affect us so. The nostalgic impact of our past takes as close a direct hit as we allow it to be. Years of sweet memories and the yearning of something more combats with our current state of apprehension and self-perception of what “should” be. 

There was a time when I couldn’t understand why one might feel sadness during a holiday filled with merriment and cheer. Yet, when my own feelings of sadness during this time of year began four years ago, each year I’ve learned what gifting means – that gratitude is a gift. Being receptive of love from others is a gift. These kinds of gifts are to be cherished. Take time to breathe, to love and appreciate music, a favorite film, or call kind friends. 

Sadness is as real as joy. Recognize their significance and acknowledge their presence. Feel what you feel, with the understanding holidays don’t yield perfection. They yield beliefs and encourage questions such as what’s most important in your life. 
And that, Charlie Brown, is what merriment is all about. 



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