Just Breathe….

Oh, my. Just breathe….

Breathe and believe. Breathe and be grateful. Breathe and love. 

To be estranged is to stop breathing. Life moves forward and by choice, we learn to breathe differently. Our lungs once suppressed, gasp for air, our breathing finds new rhythm. Getting there is half the fun. I kid. 

Tonight I am gasping a bit. Tonight I need a new pattern to breathe on. 

Rejection of the adult child kind. 

It hurts. BIG TIME. 

It’s isolating. 

It’s me, it’s you. It’s anyone. 

In time I’ll share more about the estrangement from my adult kids. I’m still coming out of the closet, so to speak. Little by little, my comfort zone widens, though that breathing thing still catches me off guard. 

Tonight I pray you are breathing. I pray you find your own rhythm, discover new patterns. You are loved, cared for and valued. 

Hugs, kids. We’ll find each other soon. 


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