No Sequel to Parenthood

There are no do-over’s in parenting. As kids get older, you’re pretty much done. Any insight gained is yours to keep, not necessarily to apply as a parent. 

I read Glennon’s quote this morning. My first thought? Shist, this is exactly what I’d do if raising my girls today. Brilliant. 

I had so much love from my own mother growing up. No judgment or pressure to be someone other than myself. In turn, I raised my kids similarly. I’m not going to bash myself as far as the kind of mother I was. I’ve done enough of that during the past several years to last several lifetimes. I think it important to reflect on mistakes made. I’ve been upfront and direct on this blog regarding my own personal estrangement. Being open gets easier as I become more honest with the person I am. I chuck fear with greater efficiency more than ever. What my girls think about me doesn’t obsess my mind and heart like it once did. More about that in another post. 

“Be who you needed when you were younger”

With all mom’s unconditional love, I needed more guidance, more of her insight she gained as she grew older. Mom and I were similar that way: both in unhappy marriages for a time, marrying soon before completely comfortable with ourselves. Parenting, while the love natural as the nurturing, I wish I would’ve had the insight to share with my girls when raising them years ago, as I do today. Parenthood is easy peasy. Said no one ever.

Insight isn’t bliss. Insight is paramount. It is what makes us whole. Question yourself, question your God, the people in your life. Be curious yet open to all possible answers. Don’t believe for a millisecond it’s too late to gain insight. Realizing there are no do-over’s in motherhood, my belief is whatever one learns later in life cans and should be shared with others. Wisdom isn’t worth much if kept within. Hence, hello, all mothers. May you continue parenting with keen insight and an extraordinary amount of love. 

We’ll find each other soon. 💜


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