Why What You Think or Write Matters

Because your thoughts made someone’s day. 

Because your words touched and made someone smile.

Because your idea inspired.

Because you made someone else think. 

Because you made someone feel. 

Because you matter.

Writing is so hard. It’s really, really hard. It requires thought, of course. Yet more than thought, it requires courage. For those who write blog posts, the from-the-kishkes , you understand what I mean. Vulnerability is not for the faint of heart. Vulnerability, the impetus of all things worth sharing, can not be underestimated. 

I bring this up today because of Bridget Willard


Exactly, my point. 

If you haven’t read her blog, you must. First, read http://bridgetwillard.com/keys-social-vulnerability/. Seriously. If you need to better understand the significance of vulnerability, a must read. 

I’m not one to mush over fellow sisters. I don’t want it to come across as insincere or cheesy. Well, I’m always about cheese, but that’s for another time. Bridget is worth the cheesiest of times. She’s real, authentic, completely herself. One might think many bloggers are as such. I’d like to think most are. Since I’ve only started writing, publicly, that is, I’m still new on the WordPress scene. This fact does, in no way, alter my respect and admiration for one of my favorite writers.

She wrote a piece called Relationships are Built on Small Talk today. THIS – after I wrote about Hearsay is All Hearsay – thoughts of how limited we are in building relationships through social media. Kids, perspective is everything. For you see, Bridget makes me think. The juxtaposition of two writers, two points of view, both sharing their truth, proves the importance of why what you think or write matters. 

I keep thinking, asking myself, why I write, what does it matter. Who cares? img_7397

I care. I care about Bridget. A lot. I care about you, reader. I don’t know who will read these words, or who will care about them. I’ve had a heck of a time writing lately. Several drafts sit, stagnant, yearning for language. Today, this blog post.  I adore you, B. More than I can ever say. Keep mastering what matters. Because you matter.

We’ll find each other soon. ❤



4 thoughts on “Why What You Think or Write Matters

    1. Louise, you and Bridget are cut from the same wordpress page. How you would adore each other. I’m so glad you read her words! Two of my favorite language lovers. Thanks for stopping by. ❤


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