The Sweet Release of Running

“I can’t get enough of running. Once you start, you’ll love it! It’s addicting.”

~ said me. ever. 

An athlete, I am not. 

Back in middle and high school, participating in P.E. and team sports was the equivalent of viewing a Disney On Ice show. 

Always, ALWAYS the last to be picked on any team, if not for my love of ballet class as a young girl and brisk walks around the beach in my hometown, most assuredly, I’d be a big lump of human today. 

Which is why running would be the last joyful activity on my list of joyful activities. (hmm…take note: must make that list) 

Turns out, at age 56, running is my new ballet class. 

Addiction is a broad term, though I gotta say, even with the heaviest of breathing, huffing and puffing, I’ve never regretted going on a run. There’s something cleansing about shuffling your feet along a dirt road near a canal, running along a jovial dog that’s mind moving as well. There’s also something about bettering oneself, to feel empowered each time you gain more stamina, energy and the fight within to continue the process of good health. No marathons needed. Fancy gym memberships are OK I guess, though I found my mighty temple outside. Turns out, sunsets are included, no extra charge. 


Knee problems notwithstanding or any other unforeseen physical ailments to come, I’m a good listener when it comes to my body parts: we get along quite nicely. 

Never say never. This girl’s a runner.

Keep your head up. There’s always something new to see. 

We’ll find each other soon. ❤



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