The Bravery

“I want to be brave, like you.”

A close friend said this to me recently. Stopped me in my tracks somewhat, as I don’t feel brave, though her words humbled me. My intention in life is not one of bravery, it is merely to be who I am as an authentic kid of God. 

Upon thinking about it, pausing awhile, here’s what I believe bravery to be. 

~Bravery is telling others you’re not brave. 

~Bravery is facing oneself and admitting how ridiculosly hard it is – the entire shebang of YOU. 

~Bravery is writing or saying your own truth without excessive editing. 

~ Bravery is a cycle of learning. One not need be brave an entire life. 

~Bravery is having the kishke to press publish and go on with your day.  

~Bravery is asking questions and being ok with no answers. 

~Bravery is waking up, feeling alone and calling a friend. 

~ Bravery is laughing at yourself, with just a touch of self-deprecating humor.  

~Bravery is admitting your mess ups. 

~Bravery is owning your success. 

~Bravery is acknowledging behaviors. 

~Bravery is changing behaviors. 

~Bravery is making a difficult decision, be it baby steps or full on plunge. 

~Bravery requires thoughtfulness, compassion and empathy. 

~Bravery is believing in someone bigger than you. 

~Bravery takes time. It can not be rushed, pushed or forced. 

~Bravery is exercising unconditional love. 

~Bravery understands vulnerability. Vulnerability is the bravest of all. 

Take note, kids. You’re probably braver than you know. Keep on. 

We’ll find each other soon. 💜


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