Mother’s Day Just Got Real

Not all mom’s are equal, nor are children. I wasn’t going to write on Mother’s Day this year, though alas, here I be. 

Motherhood transcends Sunday brunch, breakfast in bed, a fresh flower, sleeping in. One of the most realistic representations of Mother’s Day comes from one of my fav shows, “The Middle”, wherein mom Frankie wishes to be left alone on Mother’s Day, only to have missed out on a grand time at the local amusement park the rest of the family partook upon granting mom her time alone for the day. Comedy ensues when dad and the kids try to replicate the same experience when they take mom back to the park the following weekend. Yeah, that goes well. 🙂 


When my mom was alive, so often we laughed at the absurdity of Mother’s Day, as if to celebrate this day was more meaningful than all the other days we loved each other. With my own children, the homemade cards, purchased cards, sweet writings granted, appreciated, though more days than not, I felt their love and appreciation. 

It’s ok if Mother’s Day isn’t the best day. If you’re hurting, that’s ok, too. Be kind to yourself. Mom’s are people, as are their kids. They are bonded, though not conjoined. They see themselves in each other; positive and negative. Go with it. Learn yourself by learning your mom. It’s going to be ok. Trust me on this. My fifth season of estrangement from my girls, I’m ok. They continue to separate themselves from me. The loss is felt. Oh, my, is it felt. I’m carrying on, loving them as always, proud of motherhood, grateful for the years we were together. My door, always wide open for my girls, I have four soon-to-be stepdaughters, as I’m learning motherhood transcends my own children.

Caring thoughts for those who aren’t best friends with their moms, lost a mom, wish they were moms, or were abused by a mom. You are loved….so, so, loved. 

And huzzah for those who are best friends with their mom. You are blessed! May you have the ultimate Sunday brunch. 

Hug your mom, though understand it’s ok if you don’t want to. 

Bouquets of love to beautiful, yous. 

We’ll find each other soon. ❤




2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Just Got Real

  1. So beautifully said, Carin!!! You’re right – the love of a Mom (being one, having one) transcends all!


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