Blessings of the Miserable 

Hey kids, welcome to this moment. 

Estrangement is alive and well in our world. It pretty much is here to stay. 

People who cut others off, I feel you. 

People who are the recipients of those cut off, I feel you too. 

There’s so much to take care of in a lifetime. Relationships are hard. They take work, nurturing, patience, listening, talking. Meaningful relationships are on a continuum. There are no finish lines. Even upon death, the depths of the continuum carry those who are still breathing. 

Estrangement has touched my life across the board. Families, once in tact, now fragments of each other, unable or unwilling to work together, result in deep pain for all involved. This is why my compelling nature must write. If not a voice, who then, is left to understand? 

But here’s the dealio…

Others are struggling far more than you or I. They are battling cancer, sick babies, poverty, death of a parent, death of a child, holding onto jobs, lack of healthcare, retaining sanity. The struggle is real. Perspective matters. 

Woody Allen says to Annie Hall:

“I feel that life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. That’s the two categories. The horrible are like, I don’t know, terminal cases, you know, and blind people, crippled. I don’t know how they get through life. It’s amazing to me. And the miserable is everyone else. So you should be thankful that you’re miserable, because that’s very lucky, to be miserable.”

Thank God my children are alive and thriving by taking care of themselves. Thank God they are still here and I am still here. And thank God for faith in being one of the miserable ones. We are blessed. 😘

We’ll find each other soon. 💜


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