Oh, Hey, Hello Sixty

At the end of the day, this day, my first day of sixty, renewal seems to capture how I feel at this moment. So often, as we age, so too, do we wish to return to that time we were younger, wishing we could experience a few more do-overs in life. Do life different. We are all given opportunities, choices are daily. Although there are no more do-overs, I’m choosing to do life differently.

Thus, as I begin a renewal of sorts, more time in the here-and-now, less time in the I-wish-I-would’ve-done-that-instead-of-this. Continued self-care, extensions of self-forgiveness. More focus on compassion, less pleasing others, fearful of what they think of me.

Death, a part of life experience, she is not ready for me. There is much more to embrace. Yet, I fear not death as I once did, for sixty is my greatest gift, the ability to recognize I’m still here, as is humility, aging with a moderate modicum of grace, an unprecedented look at humor to last several lifetimes, and love, the most ultimate gig of all.

Welcome to Sixty

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