“We’ll find each other soon”, a phrase frequently used by my mom, has now become a moniker or sorts for me. I find myself using it with a great deal of joy and conviction, as relationships have a new meaning at mid-life. They surprise, they are alive. Life has brought me here, or more accurately, I brought myself.

Three years post-divorce, I decided to write what I’ve learned, how I got here, and where I’m going.  This blog is for:

  • One who believes they are alone with their thoughts, though wants to become more open with others.
  • One who thought they’d ever experience a mid-life divorce.
  • One who could not begin to conceive a time estranged from their children and how to cope and regain self-worth, self-care and a deeper understanding of empathy.
  • One who’s allowed fear their greatest influence, yet has fiercely broken that behavior.
  • One who thought they knew what compassion was, yet knows better now.
  • One who yearns for learning without limits.

Hi, I’m Carin. Thank you for joining me. You are always welcome here.

We’ll find each other soon. ❤



Please feel free to read my first blog which began in 2011, Life as I Know It. Today. Journeys are an unending parallel of different paths for us all. We’ll Find Each Other Soon is the continuation of stories, mine and yours. 


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. Good luck with your blog, I’m sure you have a good audience out there. I found it because I typed in ‘women over 50’ in my Reader search and up you popped!


    1. Haha. Awesome! Have little idea who’s “out there” in cyber land, though turns out, at 55, writing is bigger than I. I’m catching up to my words and thoughts. That you took the time to comment, thank you, kindly.


  2. Carin! How great to read your blog! I too, as you know have been dealt some very intense life turns over the last year. Struggle is so hard, harrowing, painful for so many different reasons for each of us but the common thread is our inner strength, most of the time we never really knew we had that keeps us moving. Thank you for this space to feel a sense of belonging in all that struggle. Look forward to reading more.


  3. Hi, Carin. I really like your title “We’ll Find Each Other Soon.” That sounds like the name of a novel. Thank you for posting on my blog “Blended and Blessed.” It seems us bloggers have something in common. I remember the heartache and pain of divorce dealing with the losses, facing the truth, practicing forgiveness (with myself and the wasband), and reconciliation. I learned a lot of life lessons and went through a spiritual transformation. I am not the same person today that I was back then. All of those life lessons made me who I am today. It sounds like you have experienced the same. Like you, I wrote about my journey after divorce and the life lessons along the way in my book RECONCILED (on my blog). Blessings to you, your writing, and your journey. I look forward to reading more…


  4. Hi Bobbi…wow, thank you for sharing yourself. “We’ll find each other soon” – something my mom and I always said to each other. Endearing and loving, mom passed away one month before the divorce began in 2012.

    Writing is quite cathartic, right? I, too, look forward to reading more from you. That you took the time to reach out, is greatly appreciated. Keep la familia close. Blended or not, we are blessed with our individual tribes of love. ❤


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